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    The Marital Relationship

    Stories from the Mikveh

    Translated by Hillel Fendel

    Two small stories on how keeping the family purity Halachos come with devotion.

    Various Rabbis | Tevat 10 5782
    P'ninat Mishpat

    A Woman who Relinquished Rights to her Ketuba

    Sarah relinquished her rights (mechila) to her ketuba in order to encourage her husband, Reuven, to give her a get. Now she wants to back out of this step. Perhaps we should say that simple oral mechila without a kinyan is not effective when the creditor (i.e., the wife) still has a document (i.e., the ketuba) that states that the debtor owes her money.

    Various Rabbis | Adar I 8 5776
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