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Jewish Holidays
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  • 6. Hiking, Swimming, and Hotel Vacations
    Some maintain that one must refrain from hiking and swimming or bathing in the sea or a swimming pool during the Three Weeks.
  • 5. The Halakha in Practice
    It seems that in practice, according to the lenient view, we should divide all songs into three categories. From the beginning of the Three Weeks, one should refrain from listening to the first category of music. Starting from the first of Av, one should refrain from listening to the middle category as well
  • 4. Listening to Music on Personal Electronic Devices
    Some authorities maintain that just as one may not listen to live music during the Three Weeks, However, some permit listening to music on electronic devices.
  • 3. Playing Music and Singing at a Se’udat Mitzva
    One may sing happy songs at a se’udat mitzva, like the meal at a brit mila, pidyon ha-ben, or sheva berakhot.
  • 2. Dancing and Music
    The Aĥaronim write that it is forbidden to hold dances from 17 Tamuz through 9 Av. This prohibition includes playing and listening to instrumental music.
  • 1. The Three Weeks
    The Three Weeks, which begin on the night of Shiv’a Asar Be-Tamuz and continue through Tisha Be-Av, are a painful time.
  • 11. The Torah Reading for Fast Days
    During Shaĥarit and Minĥa of public fast days, we read the section of the Torah that describes how God forgave Israel after the sin of the Golden Calf .
  • 12. Birkat Kohanim at Minha
    On ordinary fast days, when we do not pray Ne’ila, the law depends on when the congregants pray Minĥa. If a congregation that recites Birkat Kohanim prays Minĥa at the same time that Ne’ila would take place, i.e., shortly before shki’a, the Kohanim bless the people
  • 10. The Aneinu Prayer
    The Sages prescribed the addition of a special berakha during the ĥazan’s repetition of the Amida on fast days.
  • 7. Sick People Are Exempt from Fasting
    The prophets and the Sages instituted the fasts for healthy people, not for sick people. anyone who is sick is exempt from fasting, even if his condition is not life-threatening.
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