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    Subjects of Jewish Thougts

    How Can I Stay Strong When My Faith Is Shaken?

    I have read much about emuna and that "everything is for the best," but it's very hard to see and sense G-d through sorrow and pain! How can I, one little girl, hope to change what He decreed? How can I hope to help my people in its great suffering? I want to strengthen my emuna, not see it fall apart…

    Rabbi Yitzchak Grinblat | Tammuz 29 5781
    Marriage and Relationships

    How Can I Improve My Spouse?

    Translated by Hillel Fendel

    My husband comes from an anti-religious family, and it took me a long time to help him overcome the obstacles and agree to build a traditional home. Unfortunately, I have still not been able to convince him to wear tefillin. Do you have an idea how I can help him to want to do so?

    Rabbi Yitzchak Grinblat | Sivan 21 5781
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