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    Women in Judaism

    Women's level in serving Hashem

    Throughout the centuries, the Jewish women had a strong faith in God, a faith which brought the redemption of the nation.

    Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel

    Entering Israel Through the Passover Sacrifice

    The Torah states that whoever is impure or far away on Passover may offer his sacrifice later, on the "Second Passover." This is puzzling. Is there any other commandment that allows us a second chance, an opportunity to make up for what we missed?

    Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel | 5768
    The Land of Israel

    The Quiet Accomplice

    Let no soldier or policeman imagine that he is free of guilt because the disengagement would have been executed even if he were not present. This is not so. Whoever stands by the perpetrators, even if he remains silent, is responsible for the injustice.

    Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel | 5768 Tishrey
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