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    38 min
    The spiritual view

    A Deeper Take on Shabbat: Why is This Allowed & That Prohibited?

    Ein Aya Shabbat 4, 4

    This important lecture helps answer the classic question we all ask: Why are certain things allowed on Shabbat and others forbidden? Rav Kook, based on Kabbalistic sources, explains that the 6 days of creation and the Mishkan- the 2 classic "constrictions" (Tzimtzum) of God, are the anti-thesis of Shabbat. Accordingly only and precisely those 39 types of labor which were done to construct the mishkan correspond to the 6 days of creation, from which we want to rise above on Shabbat, to get a taste of the original Shabbat which preceded creation, and the final Shabbat, when all of creation will be like Shabbat. This basic and beautiful idea is clarified here in a very understandable way

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Sivan 17 5782
    34 min
    Ein Aya

    Shabbat Candles- How Can Mothers and the Non-Learned Produce Scholarly Kids?

    Ein Aya Shabat Chapter B Paragraph 28

    How to build a home of Torah even if you are not a rabbi, through clear priorities and genuine identification.

    Rabbi Ari Shvat | Shvat 25 5774
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