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    Having Faith in Hashem

    Israel's Faith, Step By Step

    Israel's Exodus from Egypt served as a preparatory course for the nation's great future, foretold at the very beginning of its creation to its Patriarch Avraham: "I will make you into a great nation… and the other nations will be blessed through you" (B'reshit 12,2-3). The meaning of the phrase "great nation" in this context is that we will be "close to G-d." As written in Va'et'chanan, "Who is a great nation like Israel, to which G-d is so close." However, to reach closeness to G-d, several steps are required.

    Rabbi David Chai Hacohen | Shvat 5 5782
    Additional Lessons

    Choosing a Place of Prayer

    Abraham used to establish a fixed place for prayer. A fixed place of prayer creates a firm bond between the worshiper and his prayer. It transforms the supplicant's worship into a firm foundation and unchanging element in the structure of his life.

    Rabbi David Chai Hacohen | 5764
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