Guidelines for Sending Questions
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Guidelines for Sending Questions

  • Stop! Have you checked to make sure that your question does not already exist in our archives?     
  • The website organizers reserve the right to direct questions to particular rabbis, to publish a question or not to and to edit a question according to demand or the nature of the question.
  • Please take into consideration the fact that the rabbis' time is precious. Do not send unnecessary questions.
  • Lack of accuracy in details, along with the fact that not every question is answerable through the Internet, are factors that are liable to make answering difficult. Please be accurate when it comes to details, and the answering rabbi will answer as best possible.
  • Please have consideration for the rabbi and for other readers. Read your question a second time before sending it in order to verify that it contains no mistakes.
  • A response can be expected within two weeks of the question's having been sent. If, after two weeks, you have still not received a reply, it is possible that there was a mistake in your e-mail address. In such a case, notify us at:  

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