Tu Bishvat

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Tu Bishvat
Tu Bishvat in Yeshiva.co
  • Tu B'Shvat- Israeli Fruit's Vitamins of Holiness!
    The Bach, Chatam Sofer and Rav Kook elaborate on the "Vitamins of Holiness" found in the produce of Eretz Yisrael, who's consumption brings us closer to God & spirituality. The class discusses practical applications of this idea, as well as explaining why we say Shir HaMa'alot/Al Neharot Bavel before bentching; why is it called "Canaan Land"; why there is detailed significance in the order in which we eat the 7 species of fruit of Israel; why the manna only stopped when we began eating Israel's produce; a in-depth analysis of the Al HaMichya blessing, and an unforgettably unique explanation of the term: "Land of Milk & Honey". For Rav Shvat's tune to learn Al HaMichya by heart, see: https://www.halachayomit.com/rabasalhamichya.html
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    Tu B'Shvat - The Power of Longing
    Jonathan Pollard had landed in Israel! First thing he bended down to the ground of the holy Land of Israel – and kissed it. Why was this moment so special?
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    Tu B'shvat - A festival of renewal
    Is the middle of the winter an appropriate time for a festive of growth?
  • The Day of Love for the Land of Israel
    The Day of Love for the Land of Israel
  • The most important insight of my life - The story of the olive tree
    The Torah likens a man to a tree, and the Jewish people - to the eternal tree of life, the roots of which were planted by the forefathers, and the branches from Moshe Rabbeinu reach for the Creator’s light. This is one of the stories that helps to understand what happened and touch the history of your own people, thanks to Jewish allegory and the wisdom of generations...
  • Bug Free Tu B'Shvat 5784
    A list of the fruit and nuts that Should be checked and the way to check them.
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