The Seven Weeks of Condolence

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The Seven Weeks of Condolence
The Seven Weeks of Condolence in
  • God's Punishment and Comfort are our Support
    Even in the "slap" that Hashem gives us, there is a measure of his relationship with us. This is similar to a father who might hit his son who ran into the road, because he loves him and wants him to be safe.
  • Does G-d Care About Us
    Yeshayahu's word give the impression that G-d does not care about us and allowed the destruction to take place.
  • Hester Panim, Exile and Redeption
    The exile was an active decisions of G-d, the result of which was a state of hester panim for the nation. Those who choose to come and live in the Land today and fulfill the prophecies of yore – merit to return to the protective gaze of Hashem Himself.
  • Rebuilding Jerusalem
    Rebuilding Jerusalem includes: physical building of the city, the society, protection from enemies and the Davidic dynasty.
  • Kibutz Galuyot and Self Hatred
    In the same verse, Yeshayahu talks about coming back to Israel and self hatred. This bring two opposite explanations.
  • Is Redemption Fixed or Flexible
    Different translation to Yesha'ayahu's words bring different opinions to the question - are the times of Mashiach fixed or flexible.
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