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Chanukah in
Candle Lighting Times

Sunset (Ashkenazic-Ashkenazic )
Nightfall (Sfaradi and Ashkenazic-Sfard)
Shabat Ev
Before lighting Shabat candles

  • Can Maccabees and Hellinists Get Along?
    For Chanuka: Rav Kook on: Adopting the Positive Without the Negative of Greek/Western Culture Chanuka is a good opportunity to study Rav Kook's detailed advise regarding how exactly to adopt the good from the Western and modern world without the problematic and negative aspects. The class gleans many sources on this central topic of Rav Kook's various books and summarizes the Who, What, Where and How of this basic issue for religious-Zionist and Modern-Orthodox Jews.
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    What was the Chanukah miracle?
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  • The Hidden Light
    The light of Chanuka becomes dark in Tevet but it never disappears.
  • The 2,200-Years War
    The Jewish war against Greek culture continued with its battle against Christianity, which is a blend of Jewish and Greek-Roman ideas, and continues today as well. The leading culture today is Western culture, built on the foundations of Christian culture. And so the points of difference that exist today between Torah and Western culture are also based on the points of struggle between Greek and Jewish philosophy.
  • …Who Help Themselves
    What is Chanuka really all about? Does it revolve around the miracle of the oil lasting for 8 days instead of just 1?
  • Women Doing Work on Chanuka
    Is the minhag of some women to curtail work on Chanuka binding? When exactly does it apply, and what type of work is included?
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