Parshat Shavua

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Yitro Parashat-Hashavua
A: Yishayahu chap. 6,1 -7,6. 9, 5-6;
AS: Yishayahu 6 1-13;
AY: Yishayahu 6 1-13. 9, 5-6;
  • Connecting to the Torah through Unity
    Hashem raised up our spiritual level in an unprecedented manner of “jumping up in levels". This took the nation from the 49th rung of impurity to the highest level of sanctity and preparedness to receive the Torah.
  • How The Japanese Saved The Jews
    During World War II some 40,000 Jews found themselves under Japanese occupation in Manchuria, China and countries of South East Asia. Virtually all of them survived the war, but the Germans repeatedly pressured the Japanese to implement their "Final Solution." This is a famous story of how The Amshinover Rebbe, zt"l dissuaded the Japanese from complying with Hitler's dictate.
  • Great Responds
    It is to the credit of Yitro that he chose to act positively upon hearing of the events that occurred to the Jewish people in their exodus from Egypt. He uprooted himself to join the Jewish people in their travels through the desert.
  • The Structure of the Good Society
    What makes the te commandments special is that they are simple and easy to memorise. That is because in Judaism, law is not intended for judges alone.
  • The Ultimate Proof of the Truth of Torah
    In honor of the Torah's "Ten Commandments" Portion Rav Netanel Yosifun presents the Ultimate Proof of the truth of Torah
  • The Secret to Long Life
    eExamining the commandment to honor one's parents, and the particular way one must do so in order to reap the promised reward of long life.
  • Bless You
    One of the prayers was greeted with the Aliyah of the admonishment and a hassle broke out. David, one of the prayers, gave a solution, but was he right?
  • A Nation of Leaders
    What can there be in common between the practical advice of a Midianite and the timeless words of Revelation itself? There is an intended contrast here and it is an important one.
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