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    Jerusalem Day

    Jerusalem Day: Some Stones Are Hearts

    Translated by Hillel Fendel

    The Western Wall looks simply like a big and menacing block of rocks. One must look with penetrating eyes to sense what it really expresses: the longing of dozens of generations, the prayers of our forefathers and foremothers, and the joy of all those who commemorated their happy occasions there over the course of centuries.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | Iyar 25 5781
    The Marital Relationship

    When Compassion & Holiness Come to a Head

    Translated by Hillel Fendel

    Two issues have surfaced recently. Public calls have been made, to allow occasional light physical contact between spouses during the period of niddah, and to officially accept same-sex couples into our communities. How does the Torah instruct us to deal with them?

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | Iyar 11 5781
    Understanding Circumstances

    Election Eve Note: Response and Responsibility

    In life, each of us is antagonized and beleaguered by others. A number of possible responses offer themselves to the victim such hardships. Some approaches carry a seal of quality and truth; others steer a person in the opposite direction...

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5763

    Thoughts on "Parshat Devarim"

    Certainly anybody who is capable of waging war on evil, is obligated to do so with all of his might. Yet, before engaging in this struggle - as just and as necessary as it may be - it is best to begin with words of peace.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5758-5760
    Ki Tetze

    Thoughts on "Parshat Ki Tetze"

    One who places his trust in the Almighty will also arm and train his soldiers on a fitting spiritual and moral level. He understands that this is what decides - no less, and even more - the outcome of the battle.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5755-5761

    Thoughts on Parshat Ha'azinu

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5756-6762
    The Seder Night

    Insights into the Haggadah's Four Sons

    Ours is a Haggadah of destruction and exile. In exile it is not possible to place appropriate emphasis on the national goal. Thus, it becomes necessary to emphasize the centrality of personal, individual worship of God.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5757-5760
    The Month of Elul

    Message From the Song of Songs

    The Time of Zamir. The Road to Light. Kol Dody Dofek - The Voice of My Beloved Is Calling. Today, Too.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5761

    Parshat Chukat - "Water from the Rock"

    Parashat Chukat

    Faith in the uniqueness of the Jewish people, a faith which resides deep in the heart of every Jew, has the power to cause sacred water to flow from the heart of even the hardest of stones; not through blows and not by the rod, but through pleasant words.

    Rabbi Azriel Ariel | 5758-61
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