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condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:103

The Importance of Having Evil Inclinations to Tame


Various Rabbis

Tevet 3 5780
Gemara: What else is written in [the Torah]?" "Do not murder. Do not commit adultery. Do not steal." (Shemot 20:12). "Is there jealousy or an evil inclination among you?"

Ein Ayah: There are two types of impacts of the deeply evil. There is a directly negative power, which is a result of jealousy, which destroys things around it. There is also a "constructive" power, which builds and renews bad buildings and polluted creations. The latter is actually connected to the foundation of the greatness of creation and the strength of existence, as it demonstrates its strength to the lowest and darkest depths. When these powers find resistance from the wisdom of the Torah and are held back from their wild running forth, they turn into wonderful powers. They are able to connect the depths and darkness of evil to the loftiness of good.
Light and goodness along with the source of life are blessed by their contact with both the upper and lower "pipes." Jealousy is indeed as powerful as death, and it is responsible for murder and thievery. Illicit sexual urges, which pollute the soul with great intensity, can, when properly controlled, be powers that connect to the greatness of the universe. The divine light gives life to the depths and uncovers the light that is concealed among the darkness. This can only be accomplished when the light of the divine Torah is given to people who experience jealousy and an evil inclination. They can then bring the fortunate life of controlling those evil things to the creatures of the Heaven (i.e., angels).
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