Understanding Circumstances

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  • Why Such an Emphasis on the Land of Israel?
    Why did the religious-Zionist camp take upon itself the commandment of the Land of Israel as such a primary and important project, while ignoring all the other commandments?
  • Choices
    As often happens when I sit down to my computer to write this weekly opinion article, I am faced with several choices as to the subject that the article should be.
  • Richard Branson and The Ultimate Joy Ride
    It's easy to think of life as a trip through a treasure-house of experiences. Climbing Everest. Flying around the world in eighty days, or to the edge of space. The truth is that all the pleasures, all the experiences of this world, are given to us for one reason only: that we might sense to the smallest degree, the taste of life itself. But what is life itself if not our experiences in it?
  • On Becoming a Prophet
    We certainly live in dangerous and uncertain times. There is no question that previous certainties in life and society, that we once took for granted and assumed would always be part of our daily existence, have now been called into great question and clouded with doubt.
  • Tragedy in Miami
    When tragedy strikes, each one of us must make an accounting.
  • Email
    We live in a time when written letters and even typed letters are no longer the main means of communication. Everything today is done by either mobile phone or electronic mail.
  • No News
    news is really not news, but it is a great deal of opinion, bias, and bitterness that brings divisiveness amongst the listeners whom it is meant to serve.
  • How Can We Know This Is Really Redemption?
    I understand that the establishment of the State of Israel is an amazing miracle and cause for celebration. But is it really the beginning of the Total Redemption that our Rabbinic literature speaks of?
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