Sefirat Haomer

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Sefirat Haomer
Sefirat Haomer in
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    Yerushalayim and the Desert's Unification
    What does the desert have to do with Yom Yerushalayim? And what is in common between Heavenly Jerusalem, the community of Israel & Sefirat Ha’omer?
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    Shema During Shabbat Meal
    When we make early Shabbat, is it better, to recite Kri’at Shema and sefirat ha’omer during or after the meal?
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    Does the Counting Count?
    If one mentions, before counting omer, that “Tonight is Lag Ba’omer”, can he subsequently count with a beracha?
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    “Hineni Muchan U’mezuman”
    I am not consistent about saying “Hineni Muchan U’mezuman” before Sefirat Ha’Omer. Is it O.K?
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    Shoping During the Omer
    Is one permitted to buy new jewelry or cloths online in the knowledge that they will arrive on Lag B’Omer or after Shavuot?
  • All for One, One for All
    Why don’t we just make one bracha at the beginning of the count, on the first night, & then say a closing bracha on the last night? Why are there 49 separate brachot recited?!
  • Post-Pesach Reflections on Redemption
    Pesach is over - but we have permanently absorbed yet another portion of freedom. Yet another peel of Exile has been removed from us. We have shed yet another layer of self-nullification before others, and of blind admiration of customs found in the nations of the West or the Far East. We have grown stronger in getting to know ourselves, in healthy self-confidence, and in appreciation of the value of the People of Israel and its great destiny to shine the light of G-d throughout the world
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    The Omer Process
    In the process of leaving Egypt and becoming a nation we distinguish between the initial state, the goal at the end and the process.
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