The Seder Night

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shutterstockIn the Wake of Passover
The spiritual uplift one experiences during Passover leaves an imprint on the soul which remains fixed there even after the exalted days of the holiday have passed.
  • The Final Redemption
    We are living in the period of the Final Redemption – but just like in Egypt, it is up to us to complete the release from physical bondage by attaining spiritual freedom.
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    When Pesach Begins on Shabbat
    A Halachic review on the special Halachos that we have this year when Pesach falls on Shabbat and the seventh day of Pesasch occures on friday.
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    Stealing the Afikoman
    How to Keep Our Kids at the Seder and On The Derech of Torah
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    Sixteen Seders to Egypt
    Exodus sounds far away from us, but is it so?
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    Haggada in Hebrew
    Must the hagada be read in hebrew? Or in whatever native language one knows (if they do not know hebrew)?
  • It's Coming Soon: the Great & Awesome Day of Reckoning
    As a nation, we have always maintained the highest moral code. Even under the greatest duress, when we have been discriminated against & treated cruelly, we did not respond in kind.
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    One Minute Late
    What drives a 90 year old man to come to the synagogue an hour and a quarter early? What does this have to do with Pesach?
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    The Exodus - foundation of Judaism
    What is the difference between the daily commandment to remember the Exodus from Egypt, and the commandment to tell one’s children about the Exodus on Pesach night?
  • Is Enough Ever Enough??
    The hands-down winner in the “favorite song of the Seder” contest, of course, is Dayenu. But would it really “have been enough” if G-d divided the sea & we did not safely cross it?!
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