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Times for Seventh Day of Pesach
Chag beginsChag endsRabenu Tam
Pesah will be celebrated Wednesday, 15 of Nisan 15/04/2020
Chol HaMoed Pesach in Israel will begin Thursday, 16 of Nisan 16/04/2020 and ends Monday, 20 of Nisan 20/04/2020

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List of kosher medicines for Pesach (including baby food and vitamins)
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  • תבלינים
    How to Make Charoset
    Are there halachot of how to make charoset, or is the (approximate) final product the important thing?
  • barley-field-1684052_1920.jpg
    Pesach Thoughts
    Pesach has three divisions of time to it. The beginning of Pesach, Chol Hamo'ed and the final day. Each one represents a different aspect of the Chag.
  • מצה
    Seder Night
    The story of the Exodus must be told in a spontaneous manner, bursting out of the depths of the heart.
  • shutterstock_131546207.jpg
    How to lead the Seder?
    This year, a lot of people will have to lead their own Seder for the first time. How can we make Seder Night an event that involves the entire family?
  • מצלמה בכניסה לבית המדרש החדש
    Attending a Virtual Siyum
    due to the coronavirus, many Bechorot (firstborns) won't be able to physically participate at a Siyum, can they break the fast by "participating" virtually.
  • Stealing the Afikoman
    The Gemara teaches us how to help the children stay awake at the Seder night. The Rishonim explain this in various ways. From the different explanations, we can learn the correct educational approaches on how to keep our kids on the Derech of the Torah.
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