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no creditA tale of two brothers
How to counter assimilation and alienation from Judaism.
  • "Why Do Rabbis Argue So Often? The 10 Concise Causes of Machloket"
    Anyone who has opened a page in the Talmud or entered a Beit Midrash, is puzzled with the question of why are there so many differences of opinions among rabbis, and why they're always arguing? If the Torah comes from 1 God, shouldn't there be 1 absolute truth? Why are there so many commentaries on just about every pasuk in Tanach? This concise class summarize this large topic, addressing halachic, logical, technological and technical reasons, analyzing & summarizing in 10 clear categories, what stands behind all those machlokot?
  • How Did Rav Kook Base His Decision that We Must Love Non-Religious Jews?
    How can the Torah command us to love every single Jew? How can the Torah command us to feel an emotion? Apparently we're referring to a mindset that is achievable, but how? Rav Kook was famous for his love of each and every Jew, even those far from Torah. This approach was very controversial in his time, but has since been almost unanimously accepted, even within haredi circles. What is the halachic and philosophic explanation and basis, and how can we practically acquire this difficult trait?
  • Answering Accusations of Israeli-Occupation
    These oft-debated issues of "hasbara", demand good answers. Rav Shvat suggests 4 replies to the accusation of Israel occupying arab "territories" based upon the difficulty western & rational man has in understanding why the arabs could be the aggressors if they always suffer more casualties? The world doesn't understand the Jihad mindset which doesn't mind losing wars and being suicide bombers which in fact, defies logic and prevents deterrance. History, both old and new also bolster the Jewish claims. Anti-semitism is an additional unfortunate clouding factor. Among several approaches to why the moral mitzvot are geared particularly to Jews: is simply that the Torah addresses Jewish life, among Jews, in the Jewish Land for the Jewish People, and more.
  • Reform Judaism- Yesterday and Today
    Should Orthodox Jewry relate to the Reform movement as a threat or as Jewish partners and brothers? Understanding the roots of the Reform movement and its evolution will help us understand the proper approach today.
  • The Kedusha of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael
    What is the definition of "Kedusha" in general, and in particular, how should we understand the holiness of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel? Is kedusha (translated: holiness) essentially inherent, or is it acquired through Torah and mitzvot? Rav Kook's harmonic approach, based upon Tanachic and rabbinic sources, helps us make sense of these most basic issues.
  • The State of Israel as the Moral Answer to the Holocaust
    The State of Israel with her Jewish army, is clearly the national answer to the Holocaust, but Rav Kook sees it also as the moral answer, to bring morality not only to individuals, but also to the masses and the nations, as the Or LaGoyim, Light for the Nations. In short, Yom HaAtzma'ut should be the answer to Yom haShoah, in both security and ethics.
  • The Cause of & the Solution to Antisemitism
    Much has been written on the cause of Anti-Semitism, but, as usual, Rav Kook has an innovative take on the issue. The she'ur deals with this unique historic phenomenon of hate, but also sees the light, regarding the optimistic, but inevitable solution. Am Yisrael, as the conscience of mankind, inevitably is going to be hated until the world matures, but maturation is just an issue of time.
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