The Melachot of Shabbat

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The Melachot of Shabbat
The Melachot of Shabbat in
  • How Not to Desecrate Shabbos
    The story of the mekosheish, the man caught gathering wood on Shabbos, in Parshas Shelach, contains a host of conflicting and unusual midrashim. The story also serves as a springboard for many halachic and hashkafic issues.
  • Can there be Smoke Without a Fire?
    May I place cold frankfurters on top of a hot pot to warm them on Shabbos? May one derive benefit from a cheese dog, which is a grilled hot dog with added cheese and chili sauce? I will be traveling overseas for Yom Tov and Shabbos, and it will be difficult for me to have cooked food ready for an eruv tavshillin. May I use lox as my eruv tavshillin?
  • Adding Salt to Hot Food on Shabbat
    If I cook with less salt, may people add salt to their soup or cholent on Shabbat?
  • Pulling Teeth
    May I pull teeth on Shabbos? Does clipping fingernails on Shabbos involve a Torah prohibition? On Yom Tov, may I dig up earth to perform the mitzvah of kisuy hadam?
  • Borer on Plates
    We set our Shabbat table with a larger "charger" plate under the main plate. At the end of the meal, we clear off the dirty dishes and leave the charger plates. Is there a problem with borer (selecting)?
  • Carrying Nitroglycerin on Shabbos
    Is there a way whereby a person suffering from angina or other heart disease may carry his medication on Shabbos through a public thoroughfare?
  • פלטה
    Putting a kugel in the cholenet
    May I take a kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crock pot?
  • Trapping and Releasing on Shabbat
    A couple of weeks ago, we saw a mouse in the house and put out a cage trap. A mouse was trapped last Shabbat. Because we felt bad for the mouse, we took it (on Shabbat) to an isolated area and let it out. Did we violate anything by trapping the mouse on Shabbat, or by letting it out (like some melachot that come in pairs, like tying and untying)? Was the cage muktzeh and, if yes, did tza’ar ba’alei chayim justify taking it out?
  • חופשי 1.jpeg
    Trapping and Releasing on Shabbat
    A couple of weeks ago, we put out a cage mouse trap. A mouse was trapped last Shabbat. Are we aloud to set it out During Shabbat?
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