The Melachot of Shabbat

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The Melachot of Shabbat
The Melachot of Shabbat in
  • Responsive Baby Bassinet
    There is a special bassinet that provides motion and soothing noise and reacts to an infant’s crying by intensifying them. Is it permitted to use this bassinet on Shabbat, and if so, are there special instructions?
  • Raffle on Shabbat
    May one hold a raffle on Shabbat?
  • Batim of Tefillin on the Floor on Shabbat
    The “retired” tefillin batim (in which the parshiyot go) I keep in a closet fell to the floor on Shabbat, inside a flimsy plastic bag. I intuited that it was better to pick them up than to leave them in disgrace on the floor. Was that correct?
  • Warming Food on Shabbos
    May I warm food on Shabbos by putting it near the stove?May I take a kugel from the refrigerator on Shabbos morning and place it on the cholent pot to warm?
  • Using Hot Water on Shabbat
    May I use my hot water on Shabbat since I have the boiler on a timer to go on every morning before I wake up? If this arrangement is unacceptable, please suggest a permitted one.
  • Staining Matters
    On Shabbos, must I try not to stain my clothes? May I freshen my lipstick on Shabbos? Does bleaching out color violate the Melacha of dyeing?
  • Taking Medicine to Facilitate Mitzvot
    Last Friday, I developed minor nasal issues, resembling my allergies. I figured that if I take my allergy medicine and wake up symptom-free, I can assume it was allergies. Was I permitted to take it (nasal spray) on Shabbat?
  • Food Coloring and Shabbos
    May I mix red and white wines on Shabbos? May I decorate a cake on Shabbos?
  • Playing Darts on Shabbat
    Can we play darts on Shabbat? The darts are classic ones that pierce the board’s surface; the board hangs loosely from a nail in the wall; in between uses, the darts often stay on the boar
  • How Not to Desecrate Shabbos
    The story of the mekosheish, the man caught gathering wood on Shabbos, in Parshas Shelach, contains a host of conflicting and unusual midrashim. The story also serves as a springboard for many halachic and hashkafic issues.
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