The Life of Tzaddikim

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  • "Your People, They Are All Righteous"
    What stood out in Rabbi Kook's thought that could not be found in the thought of his contemporaries was a clarification of the issue of the unique chosenness of the Jewish people, a broad and deep examination of the profundity of the Nation of Israel.
  • Selections from a Diary of Jerusalem's Liberation
    When I finished the memorial service we all stood at attention and sang "Ha-Tikvah." After this, I kissed the Regional Headquarters Commanding General and other soldiers and officers, and then I began singing, "This year in the restored Jerusalem!"
  • The Anniversary of Rachel's Death
    At present, Rachel the Matriarch continues to offer supplication on behalf of her children, Israel. Though they have returned “from the land of the enemy,” they have yet to returned to their borders. Rachel is weeping, and her children weep with her.
  • The Story of the “Unetaneh Tokef” Prayer
    The holiday approached and Rosh Hashanah arrived. Rabbi Amnon of Mainz asked his relatives to bring him to the synagogue with all of his dismembered organs and to place him by the prayer leader. We can well image the atmosphere in the synagogue.
  • Our Mentor, Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook zt”l
    R' Tzvi Yehuda taught us that the State of Israel is not just some formal body designed to preserve the nation. Rather, the very existence of the State has divine worth; it embodies a significant stage in the redemption as envisioned by the Prophets.
  • Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook - A Biographical Overview
    Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook served as Head of the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva for thirty years. During these years, an entire generation of students was nurtured upon a philosophy which combined the Torah of Israel, the nation of Israel, and the land of Israel.
  • The Twilight of Rabbi Kook
    Not only was he versed, sharp, and innovative in the arenas of Talmud and Halakha, he was at home in all areas of Jewish thought – Bible, Midrash, philosophy, and mysticism. On top of all this he was unmatched in piety and righteousness.
  • A Love that does not Corrupt
    Rabbi Kook's love for the Jewish people was not the product of mere human compassion. Rabbi Kook's love for the Jewish people was the result of penetrating and divine insight into this people's true essence.
  • Remembering Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda
    Remembering Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda. We find ourselves once again faced with the question, how is it possible to educate others concerning the importance of the completeness Land of Israel, while at the same time stressing the importance of the complete unity of the People of Israel?
  • Shifting the Focus of Lag Ba'Omer
    Focus on R. Akiva The Spokesman Who Were the "Students"? His Greatness
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