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  • Passion is the Key
    If we do Mitzvot with passion it influences our children more than anything else.
  • Serving G-d's will
    As parents we must teach our children that we are not asking them to serve G-d for us, but for G-d himself.
  • Levels of Faith
    The pegs holding down the covering of the Mishkan teach us an important lesson it the levels of faith we should expect our children to gain.
  • Family is Strength
    The Torah commands us to help those who do not have a family for they do not have anyone else to look out for them.
  • Being a Father / Honour Your In-Laws
    Why does Yitro refer to Moshe's sons as "Your wife's sons"? Where was Moshe on Yitro's conversion feast?
  • The Shabbat Meals
    Nothing brings a family closer than a correctly handled Shabbat Meal. How do we make sure we do not miss this great opportunity presented to us by Shabbat?
  • The Joy of Children
    Moshe's will to take the youth with him to serve Hashem comes from the will to have the happiness and joy of children with them on the holiday.
  • Redemption through Love
    Throughout Sefer Bereshit there is a line of family quarrels and brotherly hatred that eventually lead the sons of Israel to exile. I Sefer Shemot a new story is told, a story of a nation's redemption flowing through the brotherly love of the great leaders Moshe and Aharon.
  • Keeping an Optimistic view
    Some may ask, why bring more children into this cruel world. In this week's parsha Miriam teaches us that when bringing children to the world we do not think about the moment but rather about the bright future which we believe lies ahead.
  • Blessing The Children
    For genrations jewish parents have been blessing their children "May you be like Ephraim and Menashe". Why were Yoseph's sons chosen over the three fathers to be the source for this blessing?
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