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  • Taste the Tree Like the Fruit- Sukkot as a Microcosm of Eretz Yisrael
    Rav Kook points out that just as most of the tree is roots, trunk, branches and leaves, despite the fact that the goal is the fruit, similarly most of life is preparations (e.g. eating, dress, work, cooking, raising children), and often one doesn't even achieve his goal. Does that mean that he wasted his life?! The basic question is, if most of life is "tree", and I want to have meaning in life, I have no choice but to find a way to have "taste" in the tree, not just in the fruit. This was the original plan in Eden, and is meant to be the ideal lifestyle, as expressed in the Etrog where the tree tastes like her fruit. Eretz Yisrael is likened to Sukkot, where even the secular/mundane/"tree" has meaning/taste/holiness, and it's all a mitzva.
  • כפות תמרים
    Disposing old Schach
    How can I dispose of old s’chach that is torn and I no longer have use for?
  • Sukkot, Emunah & Cherophobia: Solving the Fears of Happiness
    Sukkot is the climax of agricultural success, but also brings with it the anxiety & nervousness regarding the upcoming season. The Sukkah represents the clouds which precede the rainy season, & are the time when God judges us regarding rain. Cherophobia is a common problem where happiness & accomplishment are accompanied by fear: After I've achieved my goals, there's a feeling of emptiness- What do I do now?!". Also, we ask like Kohelet, "Why am I still not happy?!". There's also the fear that I may lose or someone will take away what I've achieved. Also the fear "what if people reveal that I'm really not so talented?". Sukkot are termed in kabbala: "The Shade of Emuna", that only God has absolute success, & only He can provide security regarding past & future.
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    Oh No! My decorations fell
    Can one move fallen decorations on Sukkot?
  • אוצר
    Interesting Chol Hamoed Questions
    I discovered buried treasure on Chol Hamoed, and I’m afraid that if I wait until after Yom Tov someone else might find it. May I dig it up on Chol Hamoed?
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    The Oral Law & Partial Walls
    The holiday of Succot is unique amongst all the holidays of the year. The laws pertaining to the commandments particular to this holiday are almost all exclusively derived from the oral law.
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