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shutterstockThe Less Understandable Request
It is hard to understand the way Moshe and Aharon presented their demands of Paroh, demands which resulted in the freeing of Bnei Yisrael from bondage and their exodus from Egypt.
  • Have You Scheduled It In??
    Anyone who has learned anything about using time efficiently and getting things done, knows that if you want to advance a certain matter, you must allocate a specific time for it. Important things can't be left for "in between," just by the by. This concept is found, fascinatingly, in the Torah portions of these weeks discussing the construction of the Tabernacle, the mishkan.
  • Did they all have the Holy Spirit?
    Why is the verse describing the commandments of God to Moses about the construction of the Tabernacle repeated so many times? What was Betzalel's argument with Moshe? And how did they actually build the temple in such detail when not everything was written in advance?
  • Mishkan – The Great Travel Guide?
    the sefer ends by discussing that the cloud stayed on top of the Mishkan until it was time for Bnei Yisrael to move. The movement of the cloud as a sign to travel is discussed at length, where it “should be” – in Sefer Bamidbar. So why does it conclude Sefer Shmot?
  • Accounting Practices
    Most people view it as bordering on boring. Nevertheless, there is no commercial enterprise that can successfully exist without good and accurate accounting practices.
  • Integrity in Public Life
    Our Parashah repeats the process of the building of the Mishkan a few times. What is the reason for this repetition?
  • A Jewish Woman's Power
    We often refer to God as "He" - but God's presence on earth, the "Shechina" is a femine noun. "He" is "She."
  • What links the size of the world and the size of the tabernacle?
    Why was the temple built by Solomon larger than the Tabernacle in the desert? What was the Second Holy Temple's effect on the world? And what can we expect in the future?
  • More Than the Jews Have Preserved Shabbat...
    There is, perhaps, no more striking a mark of absolute Jewish identity that exists in our society than that of observing, sanctifying, and enjoying the Sabbath day.
  • The Spirit of Community
    What do you do when your people have just made a Golden Calf? How do you restore moral order? The answer lies in the first word of today’s parsha: Vayakhel.
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