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shutterstockThe Less Understandable Request
It is hard to understand the way Moshe and Aharon presented their demands of Paroh, demands which resulted in the freeing of Bnei Yisrael from bondage and their exodus from Egypt.
  • The Value of Nationhood
    In the Book of Shmot, we are no longer individuals, as in Breishit, but rather begin to appear in history as a Nation. Why is a national framework so critical?
  • The Mishkan and much more
    Select meanings and secrets of the Mishkan are revealed
  • A Spark of Moshiach is in Everyone
    Why is it so important to give Am Yisrael the Mitzvah of the sanctification of the month before they leave Egypt?
  • How is Living in the Diaspora Idolatry?
    examining the two rectifications of idolatry: Shabbat and the Land of Israel.
  • Celebrate
    If leaders are to bring out the best in those they lead, they must give them the chance to show they are capable of great things, and then they must celebrate their achievements.
  • The Ultimate Labor Saver
    Man has always dreamed about a robot that would do everything for him. But the ultimate labor saver has been around for more than three thousand years.
  • The Great People Who Could
    It would have been wise for the Egyptians,to have developed some of our forefathers into fine craftsmen who could have contributed to society. This would have come in handy for us, especially when we had the necessity to build the Mishkan. I Yet, I am unaware of statements of Chazal that speak of the artisans of the Mishkan having such training, and the p’sukim imply the opposite.
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