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Shavuot in
  • The Day of the Rains and the Giving of the Torah
    According to our Sages, The Day of the Rain is as great as, or even greater than the day of the Giving of the Torah. The basis for this comparison is discussed in depth, as well as additional aspects of the connection between the rains and the Torah.
  • The Shavuot Festival and Creation
    There is an interesting parallel between the seven days of creation and each of Judaism's seven holidays. These similarities are discernible in both the Torah's language and in the subject matter of each day of creation and each holiday.
  • The Peleh of Self-Sanctification
    How can we continue the phenomenon of a connection between physical and spiritual that began at Sinai when heavens touched earth and the Divine Presence rested on a human nation? It requires sanctification, as Bnei Yisrael prepared at that time.
  • Shavuot - A Festival of Oral Tradition
    Shavuot, the festival of the giving of the Torah, is a festival of Judaism's oral tradition. It belongs to the Torah scholars in each age. In every generation the Torah is given anew, and this day has the power to allow a renewed acceptance of Torah.
  • Shavuot - The Day Hashem Gave Us ...Wheat?
    We are supposed to learn Torah in such a manner that it is a continuation of that sacred encounter. Apparently, if too much explicit stress would be put on the one event, we might not see our involvement in the study as a continuation of the process that only began on Har Sinai.
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