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Sfirat Haomer

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 Traveling during the Omer Traveling during the Omer
Can we travel during and after the omer?
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    The Brit of the Omer
    Why are the days between Pesach and Shavuot called sefirat haomer instead of sefirah l’kabbalat haTorah? Why is the mitzvah of the omer accorded the special status of a brit? The answer to these questions reveal the true message behind the korban haome.
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    Each of the 49 intervening days as well as the seven weeks that pass between the holidays is to be counted. It is clear, though, that the Torah is insistent on this count during the interim between these two major holidays of the Jewish calendar.
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    In God's Image - Respect for Others
    Precisely in these days - the days between Pesach and Shavuot - it is fitting to place special emphasis on improving our behavior and displaying respect for others.
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    Down for the Count
    David attempted to remind Avraham about the late night counting episode, to no avail. Did Avraham fulfill his obligation to count sefira, or should he repeat the count?
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    Down for the Count
    Can one fulfill the Mitzva of Sefirat HaOmer by counting while being "half asleep"?
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    The Meaning of Lag Ba'omer
    The accepted way of marking the death of a righteous person is by fasting. How then is it that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's expiration has become occasion for joy and festivity?
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    The Physical Spiritual
    The reasons for the festival and the customs of Lag Ba'omer. The greatness and the war of Rabbi Akiva. Practical kabbalah and the glory of Israel.
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    “Ba’omer” or “La’omer”?
    Which is the correct version of counting the omer – "… yamim la’omer" or "… yamim ba’omer"? Is there a content difference or only a grammatical one between them?
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