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no creditRunning From shul in the Rain
I know that you’re not supposed to run from shul, but what if it’s raining?
  • Heavenly Bounty, Earthly Justice
    The number nine represents detail, the finest level of detail possible. It represents an understanding of the most personal of human worries. In her prayer, Hannah mentions God's name nine times, an expression of God's concern for all human requests.
  • Profiting from Basic Necessities
    Wherever labor and effort are involved, demanding payment is justified. The sages sought to prevent effortless retailing. However, when marketing grew and store owners developed sales expenses, Jewish law recognized their right to receive payment.
  • A Blessing in the Marketplace
    All blessings necessitate protection. Therefore, our sages took steps to protect produce. One of these is the prohibition against "agirat perot." That is, it is forbidden to buy fruits when they are cheap in order to sell them when the prices rise.
  • Rain...and the Coin in One's Pocket
    When rain falls we should sense that our livelihood is falling from heaven, as if we are being blessed with an improved salary. In the words of our sages (Taanit 8b): "A rainy day is so great that even the coin in one's pocket is blessed through it."
  • The Might of Rain
    "The day of rainfall is as great as the day on which heaven and earth were created." The sages liken rain to the creation of the world: Just as the expression "gevura," might, is used in relation to Creation, so is it used in relation to rainfall.
  • The "Malkosh" - Last Rains
    Man's existence hinges upon land and rain. At the same time, these two elements, without man, lack benefit and direction. The sages of the Midrash therefore teach, "Were it not for man, there would be no covenant with earth to bring rain upon it."
  • The First Rain
    The word "yoreh" means to teach. According to the Talmud, the "yoreh" (first rain) teaches us to prepare for the winter, to plaster our roofs, to seal up any holes through which rain might possibly leak. This is our first warning of winter's arrival.
  • "You shall not lack any thing"
    "You shall not lack any thing in it" - This means that land of Israel contains everything needed to facilitate health and foster vitality. The absence of luxuries like gold and precious stones, on the other hand, is not considered a deficiency.
  • The Condensed Blessing
    We know that a tiny cell contains man’s entire hereditary baggage, so it is possible to understand how a small strip of land can serve as the source of the entire world. All the different forms in the world are concentrated in the land of Israel
  • The Blessing of Rain for All
    The Midrash relates a story about a non-Jew who asks R' Yehoshua ben Korcha a question: "You have your holidays, and we have our holidays. When you rejoice we do not rejoice; when we rejoice you do not rejoice. When do we ever rejoice together?"
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