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parshat Vayeshev

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Beyond the 4 AmotSecrets of the Return to Zion in the Story of Yoseft
A short video connecting the Parashah and the land of Israel.
  • Don’t Lower Your Guard
    After completing last parasha with a quick rundown of the genealogy and early history of Eisav’s family/kingdom, the Torah embarks on a much longer discussion of the emergence of Yaakov’s family into nationhood. Rashi (Bereishit 37:1) says that the discrepancy in length is due to Hashem’s special regard for our nation. Actually, it is not just the length of the discussion that is different but the fact that Eisav gets settled in his land and seems to effortlessly have a large, structured family with a leadership hierarchy, whereas Yaakov and family undergo many difficulties before becoming settled in their land.
  • An Exception-al People
    One must take full advantage of the opportunities which G-d sends us, utilizing any and all possible avenues to safeguard our health and improve our lot in life. That is the rule. But Yosef was the exception to the rule!
  • The Land of Israel
    The land would know many populations and rulers but that would never change its eternal nature of being the Land of Israel. The land is home for Yaakov – the land of his past and his future.
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