parshat Va'etchanan

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A Shiur by Rabbi Jonatahan Sacks for the weekly Torah reading of "Va'etchanan"
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    Moshe & The Military
    Why was Moshe Rabbeinu so insistent?
  • The Land of Israel Hidden in the 10 Commandments
    If all 613 commandments are included in the Ten Commandments ... where is the Land of Israel?
  • The Fewest of All Peoples
    What has happened to all the promises of Bereishit, that Abraham’s children would be numerous, uncountable, as many as the stars of the sky, the dust of the earth, and the grains of sand on a seashore?
  • Honor the Elderly!
    Am I required to stand up anytime I see a senior citizen walking down the street? I give a daf yomi shiur. Many of those who attend are old enough to be my grandfather. Am I required to stand up for them when they arrive at the shiur? Does one older person need to stand up for another older person?
  • Heaven's Refusal
    Although our teacher Moshe figuratively tears down the gates of heaven with his prayers and supplication to be allowed to enter the land of Israel, his wish is not granted. The question itself remains a vexing one, even thousands of years later.
  • Who Heard Ten?
    Parashat Vaetchanan returns us to the Ten Commandments. We also read the parasha of Shema, which we recite twice a day, thereby accepting Hashem’s sovereignty over us. One thing that unites these special Torah portions is the matter of shemi’ah (hearing).
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