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Yeshiva WebsiteWhy Where the Foremothers Barren?
Why did our forefathers have to pray for them to give birth? Our forefathers did so many good deeds through which they deserved a continuation of the lineage! why didn't their good deeds stand them in good stead?
  • Brothers Who Seek to Receive Blessings Throughout History
    Why did the blessings have to come in a disguise? What can we learn from this to our days?
  • This Culture is Not For Us
    Understanding the difference between Judaism and Christianity via the story of Yaakov and Esav. Challenging the concept of a "Judeo-Christian" culture
  • Was Jacob Right to Take the Blessings?
    Was Jacob right to take Esau’s blessing in disguise? Was he right to deceive his father and to take from his brother the blessing Isaac sought to give him? Was Rebecca right in conceiving the plan in the first place and encouraging Jacob to carry it out?
  • The Tracks of Our Tears
    The pattern of infertility that we saw with Sara Imenu continues with Rivka. The Gemara says “G-d “desires the prayers & dialogue of the righteous,” & distress - as in this case, when Rivka, like Sara, struggles to get pregnant - is what usually motivates a person to reach out to G-d.
  • Transmition to Descendants
    Is there any reason why Parashat Noah should be called based on the name of person involved, and our Torah reading this week should be called based on the generations and genealogy being described?
  • Reach For The Sky
    Learning about the lives of great people can be inspiring - but it can also be depressing when we see the enormous gap between their achievements and our own. How can we use their example positively and learn to 'reach for the sky'?
  • Change in Human Initiative Pattern
    One of the major themes in Sefer Bereishit is the contrasts between each of the righteous patriarchs and matriarchs. Let us focus on the nature of the struggles to emerge safely as a pillar of the Chosen Nation.
  • A Layman's Guide to Marriage
    I was told that I should not include quotations from pesukim on my daughter’s wedding invitation. Yet, I see that ‘everyone’ does! Could you please explain the halacha? "I wish someone could walk me through all the halachic steps that we need in planning our daughter's wedding. I am afraid I'll forget to take care of something.
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