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Lawrence WrightHow Now, Red Cow?
How is it that the ashes of a dead thing can remove the stain of death from someone who had touched death?
  • The Mystery of the Mount of Olives
    As is known, everything about the Red Heifer is shrouded in mystery, and the location of its sprinkling is no exception. He who understands it will discover something fascinating...
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    Purity And The Para Aduma
    How can a dead animal, something which is inherently impure - and even makes its handler impure - cause someone else to become spiritually pristine?!
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    The Red Heifer and Israel's Aspiration
    Judaism strives to mend this world and all worlds, this generation and prior generations. This is the aspiration of the Jewish people, and no less. This idea is alluded to by the Red Heifer.
  • Carbon Fiber versus Titanium
    When is it good to interrupt? Is an entertainer swinging from a flying trapeze an ohel? Why would anyone throw a tent? What difference does it make, halachically, whether an airplane is manufactured from aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber?
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    The Path to Purity
    The accepted view is, that man is judged only on Rosh Hashanah. If so, asks Tosfot, why do we pray every day? And what does this have to do with the red heifer?
  • Purity and Gratitude
    The purity of the red calf gives us a warm and feeling heart, that will bring us to our redemption.
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    The Four Parshiot and their Significance
    The parallel and connection between the four Parshiot, the four cups of the Seder, and the four expressions of redemption.
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