parshat Mishpatim

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shutterstock/sergignThe Morality of Conquest
A short video connecting the Parasha to the land of Israel.
  • Illuminating the way for all mankind
    The Torah teaches us how to behave with our slaves and by that guides us in ways that the world learns only years later.
  • Healing the Heart of Darkness
    What happens when an anti-semite discovers he's A Jew, and What does this have to do with our Parshah?
  • Living by Torah
    The Torah presents us with great moral principles and a profoundly unique value system. These are meant to propel us through life and make us feel that we are members of a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
  • Weapons Of Mass Distraction
    If the original sound of the giving of the Torah never fades, how come we don't hear it anymore?
  • May a Dayan Help the Poor in Beit Din?
    We will try to explain in brief why the halachic system of litigation is preferable to the adversarial system, which is practiced in the government courts in Israel.
  • See you in Court
    Parshat Mishpatim, the Torah portion called "laws" also calls judges "elohim" - God, masters or lords. What does this signify?
  • Why Not Move the Aron? “Hineni”
    We will try to look at yet another aspect of our great regard for the aron (ark) and its powerful religious significance.
  • The Morality of Conquest
    How it can be "moral" for the Jewish People to have entered the Land of Canaan, killed its inhabitants, conquered the Land, and called it the Jewish homeland.
  • Anointing Oil
    Who may be anointed with the shemen hamish’cha? What are the ingredients of the shemen hamish’cha? Where is the shemen hamish’cha poured?
  • Every Dog Has Its Day
    "And people of holiness shall you be to me The flesh of an animal that is found torn in the field shall not be eaten; it should instead be passed to a dog." What could this possibly to do with the mandate to be holy?!
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