parshat Korach

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איןKorach, Then and Now
What type of people did Korach gather around him for his rebellion against Moshe?
  • Can We Identify the Techeiles?
    When we are commanded about wearing tzitzis, the Torah includes two mitzvos. In addition to the mitzvah of wearing tzitzis threads on the corners of the garment, there is an additional mitzvah that some of the tzitzis threads should be dyed with a special dye called techeiles. (There is a dispute among the Rishonim how many of the tzitzis threads are to be dyed techeiles.) This dye must be made from a species called chilazon (Tosefta Menachos 9:6).
  • הרב זלמן - פרשה אנגלית.jpg
    Korach's Fatal Error
    Why do the Jewish people have to be pigeon-holed into various classes? Isn't equality the key to unity?
  • Our Strength is in Our Unity
    In Josephus' description of what happened after the destruction, he talks about the thickness of the stones in Jerusalem and the difficulty of destroying them. "I would never have been able to breach these walls if it wasn't for the Jews fighting among themselves and the disputes between them." About the unlimited power we can attain and about the havoc that controversy can cause.
  • The Prophet Shmuel "Caused" the Sin
    The Prophet Shmuel is the "cause" for the uprising by Korah and his gang. But if we look more deeply, we will see that Shmuel is also the rectification of Korah's sin! How so?
  • High-Sounding Words
    The rebellion of Korach is not a small offense but a great personal failing like the sin of the Golden Calf. It is a mortal blow to the continuity of the Jewish people and to its very survival.
  • When Truth Is Sacrificed to Power
    What was wrong with the actions of Korach and his fellow rebels? They had a point. Why was there a hierarchy, with Moses as leader and Aaron as High Priest?
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