parshat Ki Tisa

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beyond the 4 amotThen the Tabernacle Now the Land
A short video connecting the Parasha to the land of Israel.
  • Purity and Gratitude
    The purity of the red calf gives us a warm and feeling heart, that will bring us to our redemption.
  • How Leaders Fail
    Leaders can fail for two kinds of reason. The first is external. The time may not be right. The second kind of failure is internal. A leader can simply lack the courage to lead.
  • Then the Tabernacle, Now the Land
    discussing the campaign found in Ki Tisa for the building materials to construct the Tabernacle and Sanctuary, and tells how we can participate in like construction today.
  • Courage and Commitment
    Why didn’t Hashem just announce the whole total of the nation? Why did Moshe have to go around to the tents at all?
  • Mordechai Hidden in the Ktoret
    the name of the hero of the Purim story, Mordechai, is alluded to in our Parsha which describes the spices that constitute the incense offering in the tabernacle and temple.
  • Anointing Oil - part II
    If the shemen hamish’cha (anointing oil) is used inappropriately, is the anointer liable, the anointed, or both of them? If someone produces shemen hamish’cha inappropriately, is he liable, regardless how much he produced? Where is the shemen hamish’cha poured? Where will we find the shemen hamish’cha today?
  • Quality Over Quantity
    “When you count (Ki tisa) the heads of Bnei Yisrael... and there should not be a plague" The counting reminds us of the upcoming elections and the plague reminds us of the not yet finished Corona pandemic.
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