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parshat Chukat

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A Shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed for the weekly Torah reading (In Israel)of Chukat
  • Purity and Gratitude
    The purity of the red calf gives us a warm and feeling heart, that will bring us to our redemption.
  • Spirituality Needs Body Builders
    Considering why the Red Heifer ritual is mentioned at the end of the 40 years in the desert, as opposed to the rest of the Temple rituals mentioned in Leviticus. Hint: It has to do with body building, not going to the bathroom, and - you guessed it - the Land of Israel.
  • Rav Kook: The Definition of 'Good' Is: 'Life'
    Rav Kook explains why the constructive punishment for murder was the destruction of Y'rushalayim & exile from Israel. G-d loves life and is the force behind all life, and in fact, defines "Good" as "Life". The goal of the Torah is Tahara or Life, and accordingly murder, or the taking of life is not only tragic morally but ideologically and philosophically, stands, like Tum'ah, in total contradiction to the message of life, which supersedes the other mitzvot. Israel is meant to be a life-educating "Light to the Nations" from Y'rushalayim, through building an ideal Jewish State, but if we aren't fulfilling that goal, then our capitol and national life are counter-productive.
  • Giving and Living
    This week is a double-header: A few words about Korach (there was no parsha sheet last week & Korach is the parsha sheet outside of Israel; & some thoughts about Chukat, too!).
  • Why to Be Afraid or Not Be Afraid of Og – part I
    Moshe was threatened by Og, the King of Bashan, and his army and was successful in conquering. Before this happened, though, Hashem reassured Moshe: “Do not fear for I have given him over to your hand …” (Bamidbar 21:34). Considering all of the great challenges that Moshe overcame before this, why did Moshe require such emotional support? We will take a look at the historical phenomenon of which Og was a part, from the time of Avraham until the time of David.
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