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parshat Chayei Sara

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shutterstockPurchase the Land or Take by Force?
A short video connecting the Parsha "Chayei Sara" to the land of Israel.
  • Purchase the Land or Take by Force?
    In this week's Torah reading of "Chayei Sara", Avraham Avinu purchases the area around Me'arat Hamachpela. Hashem had already promised the land to Avraham. Why then did he agree to pay for it?
  • Insights
    Of Conversations and Commandments
    A Shiur by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed for the weekly portion "Chayei Sara".
  • שיג ושיח
    To Have a Why
    A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly portion "Chayei Sara".
  • הרב זלמן - פרשה אנגלית.jpg
    Of Conversations and Commandments Parshat Chayey-Sara
    The weekly lesson of Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed
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    Chayei Sara
    Our parasha deals primarily with Yitzchak, the son or Avraham and Sarah, whose education was at the top of Sarah’s interest. Many parents, in fact, leave no stone unturned to ensure that their children have excellent educations
  • Where Was Avraham Born?
    When Avraham sent his servant to find a wife for Yitzchak, he instructed him to find her in “my land and my birthplace (moladty)” (Bereishit 24:4). While we know the servant went to Aram Naharayim, where Avraham’s brother Nachor lived, there is actually a dispute among commentaries as to where Avraham came from
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