parshat Bereshit

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Yeshiva Website The Genesis of Love
A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly portion "Bereshit".
  • Parashat Hashavua: Why Specifically in Eretz Yisrael?
    The desired Garden of Eden is here in Yerushalayim..
  • "The End Is Rooted in Its Beginning"
    The eternal connection between the Torah's final and first verses – in praise of Israel.
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    From Zot Habracha to Bereshit
    The rabbis teach us that each individual person must always believe and say to one’s self that this entire wondrous universe was created only for me.
  • Paradise Lost
    Originally there was a choice of whether to live in paradise in the Garden of Eden, or to attempt to reach for hoped-for human greatness and accomplishment through knowledge, intellect, and the human spirit.
  • Journeys
    Adam & Chava begin their lives in the most pristine & perfect environment imaginable – so elevated were they in that Paradise that they actually glowed with the light from Above. But then, in a flash, it all came crashing down.
  • The Genesis of Justice
    There are words that change the world, none more so than two sentences that appear in the first chapter of the Torah
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    Fighting for Bread
    When Adam sinned the ground was cursed too. These changes in nature, due to man, are not just a punishment but also a change in focus.
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    In the Beginning
    In studying the ways of creation, we must remember that everything evolves from one ultimate source - the Torah. The Torah is the inner essence of all worldly matters.
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