parshat Bamidbar

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shutterstockIn Israel You Matter More
A short video connecting the Parasha to the land of Israel.
  • A Little Order in the Turmoil
    It is possible to see order even in the turmoil we are in. Order meaning control; control means that there is direction and there is a purpose; in other words, there is Gd!
  • The Desert
    A question naturally arises about the significance that all of this was taught and expounded upon in the desert of Sinai. What difference does it really make where it happened?
  • In Israel You Matter More
    Why with the third census mentioned in the Torah in this week's Parshat Bamidbar suddenly individuals' names matter, rather than just the total number?
  • Leading a Nation of Individuals
    what is the significance of this act of counting? And why here at the beginning of the book? Besides which, there have already been two previous censuses of the people and this is the third within the space of a single year. Surely one would have been sufficient. Additionally, does counting have anything to do with leadership?
  • In Israel You Matter More
    In this week's Torah reading of Bamidbar we encounter the third census of the Hebrew nation. Why does the Torah dedicate 47 verses to this issue?
  • שיג ושיח
    Egalitarian Society, Jewish-Style
    A Shiur by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks for the weekly Torah reading of "Bamidbar".
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