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Middot - Character Traits

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Aryeh MinkovRaising Doubts
If someone always disturbs others during Davening, is it permitted to "test" his awareness?
  • Tooth Sensitivity
    With great passion, the rabbi waved his hands for emphasis as he spoke, and… knocked his dentures out of his mouth! Did the people in attendance commit a sin by laughing, or was it considered oness (a forced act)?
  • Rewards Program
    What did the Chafetz Chaim demand from the person who asked to join him in heaven? did he agree?
  • Ink(not)well
    Rabbi Alpert was once visiting Rabbi Feinstein. He accidently knocked over the inkwell, spilling the contents on the Rambam and the new gemara!
  • Change of Policy
    Do we have to allow beggers from out of the city to come and collect donations in our city? r\Rav Neventzal answers with a story from the Gr"a.
  • My Book Library
    An acquaintance of mine asked me why I have not yet begun to dispose of my library? After he left, I gave the matter some thought.
  • Is Rounding Up Ribbit?
    I was told that the "Paybox" app that allows sending money enables payments only of full shekalim. So when my wife and many others use it to repay a friend who bought something at the grocery that has an agurot element, they must round the numbers. Is rounding up a problem of ribbit?
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