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Aryeh MinkovRaising Doubts
If someone always disturbs others during Davening, is it permitted to "test" his awareness?
  • Giving Ma’aser Years Later
    Over the years, I have received cash gifts for birthdays, bar mitzva, etc. and never gave ma’aser kesafim (=mk) from them. I would like to do so now but do not remember the exact amounts I received. What should I do?
  • Accidentally Paying Back Early
    the Citigroup “bank” mistakenly paid some $900 mil. to Revlon’s creditors before the loans were due. A few big creditors refused to return the money. A court ruled that since the creditors took the money (they were owed) in good faith, they need not return it. Would the halachic ruling be the same?
  • Dealing with Late Payments and Ribbit
    I, a lawyer, often need to write a contract with a clause for extra payment if the buyer pays late. How can I do this without making the client violate ribbit (usury)?
  • Tooth Sensitivity
    With great passion, the rabbi waved his hands for emphasis as he spoke, and… knocked his dentures out of his mouth! Did the people in attendance commit a sin by laughing, or was it considered oness (a forced act)?
  • Rewards Program
    What did the Chafetz Chaim demand from the person who asked to join him in heaven? did he agree?
  • Ink(not)well
    Rabbi Alpert was once visiting Rabbi Feinstein. He accidently knocked over the inkwell, spilling the contents on the Rambam and the new gemara!
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