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shutterstockIs stealing sleep an actual prohibition?
According to what I have found there is no source for Gezel Sheina even in Shas. Is there an actual source?
  • Backing Out of a Pledge to a Jewish School
    May one to decide not to go through with his donation pledge to a Jewish school? If so, must he take steps such as hatarat nedarim?
  • Rav Kook on Superstition & Other Spiritual Problems
    Rav Kook deals here with 3 common spiritual problems: over-indulging in physical pleasure; "under-indulging"- going to the opposite extreme & how fasting and ascetic life is counter-productive for the modern man; & superstition. Rav Kook's unique approach to superstition & the passages in the Talmud which seem as such stress that we must rise above the nature to fear and "quake" regarding topics beyond human control. Rather than imagining superstitious acts, which help us feel in control of the uncontrollable, we should connect with He Who is in total control and His Torah wisdom. HaRav doesn't contradict those rabbinic passages, but says they're secondary & better off not worrying about. Only he who worries about them has what to worry about.
  • What's The Solution to the 'Imposter Syndrome' & The Fear of Being Exposed?
    Rav Kook explains that there is no way to pretend and hide one's shortcomings and be an "imposter", for they eventually will be exposed and revealed, at least through Freudian slips. The solution is to focus, not on the façade, and not on the hidden self, but rather on improving my real inner self. This approach to truth explains how real tshuva actually turns even one's purposeful sins into benefits.
  • Distant Learning
    The student who tricked his Rav that he was listening to the zoom lesson...
  • "Killing Me Softly With His Words"
    We all know that cussing, swearing & pornographic speech are prohibited just like gossip & Lashon HaRa, but Rav Kook explains why the Talmud doesn't allow us even to hear negative speech without rebuking. In addition to thought, speech, and action, Rav Kook adds that hearing is super-significant, e.g. one who deafens someone must pay damages not just for his ears, but for his entire body because learning, tradition, and kabbala are transmitted thru hearing. He adds that "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". Rebuke is not just for the sinner but for the "rebuker" himself (prevents being influenced), and for society and really all mankind.
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