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Tricking a CheaterTricking a Cheater
If someone asks me for an answer during a test, can I tell him the wrong answer?
  • קינוח
    Just Desserts
    A story about a family who ordered a meal ,over their budget, at a restaurant, just to avoid the situation where someone would get yelled at.
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    Face Your Bears
    How did Brigadier General (retired) Effi Eitam react when he was confronted by a grizzly bear, and what can you learn from it?
  • גלידה
    Hot Ice Cream - Leadership 4
    What happens when your biggest competition is about to incur a lot of losses? Are you happy or do you help? Watch this incredible story of how a company reacted to its competition's crisis.
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    Response Ability - Leadership 3
    Mrs. Eva Neuman showed incredible inner strength on the death march in 1944 teaching us an invaluable lesson in leadership and responsability.
  • shutterstock
    One of the so-called Godly virtues is patience. Why is it so important, and what should we learn from it?
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    Is stealing sleep an actual prohibition?
    According to what I have found there is no source for Gezel Sheina even in Shas. Is there an actual source?
  • little giant man.jpg
    Little giant man
    With a few simple and sincere kind words you can leave an indelible impression on someone else. Watch how little it takes to make a big difference. It's Kiddush Hashem at it's best!
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    Getting angry at kids
    How can a parent or a teacher deal with children without losing his temper?
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