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  • 5. Weddings and Engagements during the Omer Period
    Now that we have discussed the duration of the mourning period, we will outline the laws of the various customs in detail
  • 4. Ashkenazic Practice
    The prevalent custom among Ashkenazim in Israel today amalgamates several traditions. Most customs of mourning last until Lag Ba-omer, while some continue afterward.
  • 3. Sephardic Practice
    According to Shulĥan Arukh , the customs of mourning begin on the first day of the omer and last until the morning of the 34th.
  • 1. The Reason for These Customs
    The days between Pesaĥ and Shavu’ot are days of sorrow, because 24,000 of R. Akiva’s students died during that period. Therefore, we keep some customs of mourning during this period.
  • 10. Specific Laws Regarding the Mitzva of Sefirat ha-Omer
    If, at a time when it is permissible to count, one’s friend asks him, “What is today’s omer count?” one should not answer, “Today is day such-and-such of the omer,” unless he has already counted with a berakha.
  • 9. Women and Sefirat ha-Omer
    women are exempt from the mitzva of sefirat ha-omer, as it is dependent on time. However, a woman who wants to perform this mitzva may do so.
  • 8. Counting with a Berakha in Cases of Uncertainty
    One who is uncertain whether he neglected to count one day may continue counting with a berakha, because we only defer to the opinion that one cannot continue counting with a berakha when one is certain that he missed a day.
  • 7. One Who Forgets to Count an Entire Day
    According to Behag, it is one long mitzva that extends from Pesaĥ to Shavu’ot. However, most poskim maintain that each night’s count is a separate mitzva.
  • 6. Until When May One Count?
    If one regularly prays Ma’ariv at a late hour all year round, it is best that he count after praying at his regular time. However, if one is preoccupied and cannot pray Ma’ariv with a minyan after tzeit, and he intends instead to pray by himself later on, he should preferably count the omer right after tzeit, in order to fulfill the mitzva as soon as possible.
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