Jerusalem Day

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Jerusalem Day
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  • The Torah and the Joy of Jerusalem
    “Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad with her, all of you who love her” (Isaiah 66:10). When we rejoice over the restoration of Jerusalem, we must also pray that the city not fall again. This is done via the Torah, which sustains and strengthens us.
  • Selections from a Diary of Jerusalem's Liberation
    When I finished the memorial service we all stood at attention and sang "Ha-Tikvah." After this, I kissed the Regional Headquarters Commanding General and other soldiers and officers, and then I began singing, "This year in the restored Jerusalem!"
  • The Big Jewish Af?
    We thank Hashem that we personally have found solace and refuge in our true home and hope that the entire nation in exile will move from the exile to Eretz Yisrael.
  • Jerusalem - Seek Her Out and Find Her
    The Torah refers to Jerusalem as “the place which God shall choose,” but does not inform us as to where this place is or what its name is. By concealing the Holy City from us and forcing us to seek her out, God aimed at endearing Jerusalem to us.
  • “Ascribe Strength to God”
    King David, the King of Israel, turns to the Nation of Israel and entreats them to “ascribe strength to God.” You, the Jewish People, must ascribe strength to God, for “His majesty is dependent upon Israel” (Psalm 68:35).
  • The Crowns of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem’s eminence stems from its being the city of the Holy Temple, the home of the kingdom of Israel, and the Torah center of the world. In liberating Jerusalem we merited advancing toward the full revelation of the greatness of the Holy City.
  • Independence Day Jerusalem Day, and Sefirat HaOmer
    1. The Omer, Joy or Judgment? 2. Redefining 'Din' 3. The Passivity of Passover 4. The Activity of The Omer 5. Modern Israel and Sefirat HaOmer
  • Jerusalem Day's Moral
    The Six-Day War, which brought the Jewish people face to face with the site of the Holy Temple, caused a great spiritual awakening among Jews. This awakening proved that Zionism had not finished its task.
  • "Lift Up Your Voice"
    "Lift up your voice." Concerning Jerusalem, there is a need to speak up, a need to encourage. There is a need to infuse new spirit into those dry bones, and say, 'Here is your God!'
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