Jerusalem and The Holy Temple

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no creditStrengthening our ties with the Temple
Shuir by Rabbi Zalman Melamed about The Sanctity of Temple Mount
  • Levi'im and Kohanim- What's the Difference?!
    We all know that the Levi'im (Levites) have a special status & had unique roles in the Beit HaMikdash, but what is it? What's the common denominator between their singing, guarding, opening the gates & their role as the Torah teachers of Israel? Levi means "accompany" & they escort both the aristocratic Kohanim & the "lay" Israelite farmers. They are the visible & "hear-able" go-between at the entrance of the Temple, & the Torah educators who go around the country. They are not the super-stars, but rather represent the functional & necessary, which often go "unsung". A review of all of the details of the Levite laws beautifully show this point, & explain the Talmudic connection between them & Lashon Hara (negative speech).
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    While the Mishkan/Bet HaMikdash may be (temporarily) absent, each of us can ourselves become one.
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    Who will build the third temple?
    View the rabbis answer here>>
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    The Holy Temple: A World of Splendor
    Torah directs man to confine himself to an abstract spiritual world
  • בית המקדש
    Nikanor, His Doors, and the Sea Creature
    In the Holy Temple, between the women's courtyard and the Israelites' courtyard, there was a gate called the Gate of Nikanor
  • בית המקדש
    Zion - The Home of Our Life
    we shall see how the entire Jewish life order was bound up with the concept of rain in Israel.
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    The Heart of Jewish Unity
    we believe that every realistic reason is coupled with a halachic one.
  • Sifting the Makom HaMikdash
    Recently, someone asked me a shaylah that involves what is probably one of the most heart-breaking issues I was ever asked. The question was: “Are there any halachic issues involved in sifting through the earth removed by the Waqf from the Makom HaMikdash?” To explain this shaylah, I will first explain what has happened, then discuss the halachic issues involved — and finally explain the answers. There is also a fascinating halachic-architectural issue that I noticed while studying photographs of the Moslem construction, which I will discuss at the end of this article.
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