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Yaacov MosheThe Secrets of Lag BaOmer
What secret connects Yosef, Moshe Rabeinu and Rashbi? And how does this connect to the redemption we are now experiencing?
  • Despite All, This Is the Beginning of Our Redemption
    Of late we have been hearing increasingly more voices, including those of important Torah scholars, saying that we should stop speaking in terms of contemporary Redemption. These "doubters" claim that we cannot base our "theory" that we are experiencing a form of Redemption on the Talmudic passage that states: "Rabbi Abba says: There is no clearer sign of Redemption than the blossoming of the fields and orchards in Israel, as is written (Yechezkel 36,8), 'You, o mountains of Israel, you will sprout branches and give forth fruits for My nation Israel – for they are coming [home] soon!'" First of all, this is just one Talmudic passage out of many… But can the firm confidence with which Rabbi Abba expressed himself enable any of us to cast doubt on his words? If they would bring evidence to the contrary, that would be one thing. But to cast doubt on the relevance of his position, together with veiled accusations of "false Messianism" – is that a serious position to take?
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    The Secret of Mount Meron
    What is it about this amazing phenomenon of hundreds of thousands of people streaming every Lag B'Omer to the gravesite of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai?
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    Why Celebrate Yom Haatzmaut
    Isn't this day over-rated? Does it really make sense to say Hallel?
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  • "And Bless the Fruit of Your Womb"
    One of the wonderful things being fulfilled in the prophecies is the fertility index of Jewish women in the State of Israel.
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    The Awesome Power of Purim
    The most important aspect of Purim is happiness and joy – and sometimes, the very insight into Divine Providence alone is more joyous than rescue and salvation!
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