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no creditLiving During the Time of the Mashiach
We are waiting eagerly, especially during the three weeks, for the redemption and for the time of the Mashi'ach. How will things look at that time?
  • Blending the Wisdom of Age With the Energy of Youth
    When the Jewish Nation hesitates at important crossroads in history, it may be because we have to relearn how to use our unique national strengths – each of which is suited for a different generation.
  • Zionism- The Gate to Altruism, Humility, Godliness & Geula
    Many wonder why the redemption began with Zionism & nationalism rather than with "observing 1 Shabbat"? Rav Kook explain that humility is the most important trait, see Moshe Rabbenu and all the mussar classics. Similarly, altruism- selfless giving, is the reason for creation, that even God wants to be altruistic, although this doesn't infer that He lacks anything, for altruism is, by definition, giving without gain. The national framework of living in a Jewish State where everyone is Jewish, sacrificing 3 years in the army & even one's life if needed, obligated chessed to each & every person, saving water, giving "tremps" to eachother, etc. help us rise above our personal smallness to a life of ideals & constant giving, altruism= Godliness.
  • Why Is it "Good" for the Religious that Zionism was a Secular Movement?
    Religious Zionists strive to gradually make Israel more religious. Rav Kook controversially explains why despite our aforementioned desire, it was davka beneficial that many of the early active Zionists, at the forefront: Herzl, were clearly non-religious & often even "anti". Rav Kook explains how the religious in exile tended to be passive not pragmatic. Also, in the heated debate: should we wait passively for God to redeem us, or should we hasten the redemption, the secular solved the issue by simply, not asking the rabbis! Similarly historically, most of the Jews were already beginning to assimilate, & the redemption is for all of Israel & mankind, not just for the religious. Secular Zionism was relevant even to the non-believing.
  • Why Ba'alei T'shuva Davka Shouldn't Become Anti-Zionists!
    There's a common scenario, where someone becomes a Ba'al Teshuva, strengthening himself religiously, & indirectly, davka becomes less Zionist! Rav Kook ironically deals with this issue way before it was common, as part of his overall & innovative understanding of Teshuva, in this classic letter to his student, R. Charlap. Explaining that the concept of Evolution is the basis of Creation, & that constant improvement is the most natural process for the individual & mankind. This central drive is what's behind most of Torah, life and goals. Zionism is the easiest way to see God today, thru how He runs processes of advancement in history, fulfills prophecies, returns Altruism and Nationalism to their proper place, reviving the "Or LaGoyim" etc.
  • Who is Mashiach Ben Yosef?
    There is a direct connection between Mashich Ben Yosef and Pesach, and that is why we read Haftara of the Atzamot Yeveshot of Yechezkel on Shabbat Chol Hamo'ed Pesach.
  • Can We Be Sure that Zionism Isn't Just Another False Messiah?
    Most shuls declare weekly in the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel, that it is the "Atchalta DeGe'ula", the beginning of the national redemption, but the obvious question is: "Can we be sure?!" Could Zionism simply be another "false messiah"? Or in other words, can we be sure that there won't be another exile? This she'ur convincingly proves in 3 concise points gleaned from many classic sources, that in fact, we are in "Y'mot HaMashiach", the historic period of national redemption, and that "Children of Israel, our Father wants us Home".
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