Four Parshiyot

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A short idea in honor of Parashat Hachodesh
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    The Four Parshiot and their Significance
    The parallel and connection between the four Parshiot, the four cups of the Seder, and the four expressions of redemption.
  • The Mystery of the Mount of Olives
    As is known, everything about the Red Heifer is shrouded in mystery, and the location of its sprinkling is no exception. He who understands it will discover something fascinating...
  • Carbon Fiber versus Titanium
    When is it good to interrupt? Is an entertainer swinging from a flying trapeze an ohel? Why would anyone throw a tent? What difference does it make, halachically, whether an airplane is manufactured from aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber?
  • The Inability to Accept the Good
    What connects Cyrus, Hamman, Adam and the people of Israel exiting Egypt? And what connects happiness and faith?
  • Purity and Gratitude
    The purity of the red calf gives us a warm and feeling heart, that will bring us to our redemption.
  • Parashat Zachor with Different Pronunciations
    My shul has always read Parashat Zachor once, with our regular havara (pronunciation). Some people now complain that we do not follow other shuls and read multiple times with different havarot to fulfill the mitzva according to more opinions and to do the mitzva properly for Sephardim. Should we change our minhag?
  • Partial Understanding of Half
    The six p’sukim of our maftir, known as Parashat Shekalim (Shemot 30:11-16), combine so many separate concepts that at first appear as referring to the same thing that it is difficult to keep things straight. At the center of it all, though, is the half-shekel coin. Let us see what it is apparently connected to.
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