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shutterstockWhen Adar arrives…
From the Purim story, we understood that even the threat of total annihilation can be foiled and bring a new national "lease on life."
  • Limiting Discipline of Our Children? Especially Today!
    Rav Kook already foresaw a century ago that democratic culture necessitates placing more stress in raising our children on pleasantness, rather than on discipline. This is an ideal in our evolving world, but also wise and beneficial. Discipline is always important but the balance changes over time.
  • Pure Faith, Intellectual Faith
    The relationship between the simplicity of faith and intellectual analysis
  • Be Wary of Foreign Influence
    Among the tannaim, R. Shimon Bar Yochai was most wary of Roman influence. His approach is especially important to modern orthodoxy who strives to take the good from the western world, and sometimes may "let down their guard".
  • Simple, Relaxed Faith – or Stormy, Questioning Faith?
    Three rabbis contemplate emuna [faith] and how it intersects and works alongside knowledge and intellect.
  • It's Snow Coincidence
    An amazing story on how Hashem is always watching over us and helping us out.
  • Seize the Momentum- Don't Damper Progress!
    The nature is for each young generation to innovate new ideas in everything, including spirituality. The personal experience of meeting these new, often charismatic leaders from up close, helps verify their innovations and legitimacy, and enable the generation to decide if those new ideas' time has come. The older leaders of the previous generation play an important role here, where their conservatism and experience can be crucial but also may be destructive and hamper advancements (especially if egos come into play), and especially in today's generation of geula [=national and spiritual redemption], the greatest revolution in world history.
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