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One In Ten MillionOne In Ten Million
An inspiring story about the great power of answering "Amen".
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    Studying Jewish faith "Emuna"
    An introduction to different approaches in studying Emuna
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    The Jewish Thanksgiving
    There is no more important word in Hebrew than Toda, or in English than "Thank You
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    The Main Purpose of Clothes
    when a person has a need which fulfills both a physical and a spiritual need, the spiritual need that is related to his spiritual stature is more impactful than the physical one.
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    The Festival of the Land of Israel
    The Mitzvot which are unique to the land of Israel has the ability to bring the nation to a type of elevated living
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    One of the more amazing predictions regarding the Jewish people that appears in the Torah is that we will always be a small nation.
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    Shabbat vs. Yom Kippur
    Shabbat is the holiest day and of all days G-D blessed the Shabbat day, but what about Yom Kippur then?
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    Life Always Interferes
    The Torah stressed that there are no exceptions or escape from mortality. Yet sadness only distances us from our Creator.
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    Common sense
    Common sense usually leaves one with a painful decision to make. Hence, it reappears as regret and attempted repentance.
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