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shutterstock_266546210 Why should the world end at 6,000 years?
The Gemara mentions the world will exist for 6000 years. What is the hashkafic reason to only have a finite world?
  • Why Does G-d Test Me With Such Difficult Challenges?
    Rav Uriel Tuito of Beit El delivers an important answer to a series of similar but different questions on a critically crucial topic.
  • Complete- Not at the Expense of Anything!
    We are accustomed to the problem that when we dedicate time or effort to one issue or person, it inevitably comes at the expense of others. Rav Kook utilizes the hassidic/kabbalistic way of seeing the world, & the midrash on Ya'akov being complete in health, in money, and in Torah to analyze and suggest how to harmonize life, in a way that can save us great anxiety in our daily and life decisions.
  • Why Donate a Kiddush?! Life of Greatness With Israel or Life of Smallness Alone
    Rav Kook explains why our sages teach us the custom to donate a Kiddush, contribution etc. to the shul, community or to Israel, to commemorate & celebrate an individual simcha, milestone or recuperation. Most people are preoccupied with their small and immature self-centered concerns, but a more worthwhile, mature, satisfying & idealistic option is to live a life of greatness as part of Am Yisrael, the Chosen Nation, adding depth and meaning to an otherwise, small life.
  • How Can I Stay Strong When My Faith Is Shaken?
    I have read much about emuna and that "everything is for the best," but it's very hard to see and sense G-d through sorrow and pain! How can I, one little girl, hope to change what He decreed? How can I hope to help my people in its great suffering? I want to strengthen my emuna, not see it fall apart…
  • Can G-d Break Scientific Laws?
    Can G-d break scientific laws? How does Jewish philosophy address the concept of scientific determinism? What is the resolution of the 'debate' between the Rambam and the Maharal regarding whether or not G-d can "change His mind"?
  • Help! Proofs Are Not Enough To Sustain My Faith
    I recently found myself doubting the existence of G-d. I started reading books about faith, proofs, and the like, but nothing really changed. I would really like to be a believing Jew, but I know it has to start with true faith. What should I do?
  • Two Bottles of Coca-Cola cost $4 billion
    Mystical concepts can be hard to imagine, but something happened recently that gives us a parable to grasp the enormous power that lies within us.
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