Coronavirus Disease

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no creditwho should show up for the "Brit"?
Because of the virus, who has to be at a Brit? Do you need a Minyan for the Brit?
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    Simchat Torah for those Not Completing the Torah Reading
    We have missed a few weeks of the Torah reading when our shul was closed. Does this effect our ability to celebrate?
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    Will You Throw Away Your Mask This Purim?
    Sometimes rather than endangering lives, throwing away your mask can save lives. A message for Purim.
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    Health & Sickness
    It is obvious that health is a commodity in life that should be most appreciated and cherished. In such a case where one lacks this commodity, what is the correct reaction?
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    Davening Outside with Gloves
    I daven in an outdoor minyan due to Corona. Is it permitted to wear gloves while davening in cold temperatures?
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    Nichum Aveilim by Phone and by Email
    If it is difficult for me to do nichum aveilim in person, may I do it by phone or by email, and is one better than the other?
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    Lockdown Fever
    Feel like your getting cabin fever? It doesn't only affect mentally and physically the individuals, it spiritually affects the entire community.
  • מחשב נייד
    Hatarat Nedarim Online
    Around the time of Rosh Hashana, I will not be in the proximity of people who can do Hatarat Nedarim for me. Can I do it through a video conference?
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    100 Blasts for the Homebound
    Because I am in the "at-risk" population, I will not go to shul for Rosh Hashana. I know how to blow shofar. Should I blow for myself 30 kolot, or is it better to do 100?
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    Crossing a "Corona Minyan"
    Is it problematic to pass through an outdoor Minyan? is there a difference between a man and a woman?
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    All Zoomed Out
    Learning and teaching Torah through Zoom versus a lecture with a live audience.
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