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shutterstockPreferences in giving charity
Guidance regarding what takes preference in matters of charity.
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    Wedding gifts
    May I include wedding gifts as Hachnasat Kalah in my Tzedakah donations calculation?
  • How Much of a Tzedaka Preference to Relatives?
    I learned that one should prioritize giving tzedaka to relatives over others. I give a nice amount of tzedaka, almost exclusively out of the family (which also has a few poor people), which I feel is more altruistic. Can you explain this halacha and give some halachic guidelines?
  • Giving Ma’aser Years Later
    Over the years, I have received cash gifts for birthdays, bar mitzva, etc. and never gave ma’aser kesafim (=mk) from them. I would like to do so now but do not remember the exact amounts I received. What should I do?
  • Accidentally Paying Back Early
    the Citigroup “bank” mistakenly paid some $900 mil. to Revlon’s creditors before the loans were due. A few big creditors refused to return the money. A court ruled that since the creditors took the money (they were owed) in good faith, they need not return it. Would the halachic ruling be the same?
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    Zecher LeMachatzit HaShekel
    Why do we give it? Who needs to give it? How much is one obligated to give? When and to whom should one give it?
  • Change of Policy
    Do we have to allow beggers from out of the city to come and collect donations in our city? r\Rav Neventzal answers with a story from the Gr"a.
  • Is Rounding Up Ribbit?
    I was told that the "Paybox" app that allows sending money enables payments only of full shekalim. So when my wife and many others use it to repay a friend who bought something at the grocery that has an agurot element, they must round the numbers. Is rounding up a problem of ribbit?
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