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Basics of Financial Laws

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No creditOwning Stock In "Traife Companies"
Is it permitted to own stock in companies that earn money from forbidden activities? Is investing in index funds any different?
  • A Human Justice System
    One of the basic lessons learned from Parashat Yitro is that there is no perfect system of justice if it involves human beings and judges.
  • Pressuring a Store to Take Back Purchase
    I bought something in a store and wanted to return it. The customer service person was reluctant to take it back, but I was persistent and she eventually agreed to it. Was it permitted for me to handle it as I did, or did I violate lo tachmod (I heard in a shiur that you can violate this when pressuring a store to give a refund)?
  • Backing Out of an Oral Offer to a Potential Worker
    I needed work done on my house – only part of the job acutely. I contacted Reuven, who came recommended; he quoted a high price. Because of the acute need, I agreed without shopping around. When he said he could only come a week later, I found Shimon to do the first part of the job. (It is not clear to me if Reuven now expects to do the rest of the job.). Shimon told me that Reuven charged much too much and offered to do the remaining part for half of Reuven’s quote. Do I have a halachic or moral obligation to use Reuven?
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